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"I come from proud a family that has been involved with military and public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to attract more business for our growing community and create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - a top priority. With nearly 25 years of leadership experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated issues, and get things done."
Affordable & Quality Water
To secure our economic and environmental future, we need to act now on water supply, reliability, and cost.  5 communities in Groveland have the highest water rates and nothing has been done to resolve this long seated issue.  We need to plan and invest more strategically in our water infrastructure amidst continued urban growth and climate concerns.

Transparent Leadership

We need to foster a culture of trust between staff, the council and citizens. More than every before we need a City where the leaders, vendors, staff and those elected to carry out the wishes of the voters operate in honest transparency. No hidden agenda's or favoritism towards developers or special projects. We need Leaders that are seen in their districts, not just before or during election season. 


Downtown Business Revitalization 

We have long standing generational business who have been left out by the City with the allotted CRA and Economic Development dollars. I believe as we work to bring in more great business and major restaurants that we never forget to make sure that those business who have made Groveland strong stay strong for generations to come. Let's invest in Local Businesses. 

Engage Citizens in shaping our City

I believe we need to make sure that as we grow into a great city that our citizens have a voice at the table. Not just elected officials rubber stamping their ideas and leaving the bill for the tax payer. I want to encourage the citizens to take part in the planning of the Groveland of the future. I value people over projects and believe a common sense approach to growth is best. 

Accountable and Sensible Governance

Accountability is the fundamental requirement for preventing the abuse of power and for ensuring that power is directed towards the achievement of efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and transparency. We have seen mismanagement of city funds with no accountability, abuse of 17 city issued credit cards with years without an audit until 2017. I spoke out and fought to get an audit done and to reduce the amount of credit cards departments were issuing. In 2017 to 2018 we paid over $100,000 for a employee to sit at home while on administrative leave for writing a unauthorized check from city funds. Today we are paying a contracted building inspector 1.5 million a year and this contract has never been put to bid in 7 years. And we have had a lawsuit in court for the last 3 years from a former employee to the tune of 6 to 7 figures.  It's time for Sensible Governance. 

Retail, Recreation & Dining 

There are services we lack that would benefit our residents such as quality dining restaurants, retail chains that provide jobs,  a real community center for our youth and place of safety, recreation, and cultural entertainment events that mirror our growing diverse community.


We need to make sure as developers are coming in that they assist in helping us with land for new schools and facilities that would benefit our families. 

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